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Bikini Building


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The project was born as a new construction of an above-average level and quality, economically accessible without sacrificing luxury. From the quality of the development to the different areas available, not forgetting the excellent location.

Quality above all context

First of all we look for quality in all aspects of the project. The Bikini complex will have a pool, relaxation areas and dune views. Everything will be made with high quality, low impact systems and materials.

Variety of options

Investors in the Bikini project have a variety of options available to them. You can choose between apartments of various sizes, both with a garden and a terrace, overlooking the pool or the dunes. An excellent investment in both housing and income. The complex will be built at the beginning of Corralejo, with direct views of the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park


The area is undergoing constant real estate development, which is increasing the value per square meter throughout the area. The south side of the complex overlooks the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park, outside the urban confusion of the centre, convenient for travel and traffic, almost accessible to the main beaches of the Dunes and the surfing and kitesurfing spots


Semi-basement floor

It is the lowest floor, it is -1.00 meters from street level and the apartments overlook the swimming pool and relaxation areas.

Ground floor

The ground floor is located 1.80 meters from the street and all apartments enjoy a beautiful enclosed garden.

Reception and garage

On the ground floor there is also the entrance to the reception and the garage with assigned parking spaces (which can be purchased separately).

First floor

The first floor is located 4.80 meters above street level; here the apartments are built with a balcony and an upper outdoor terrace with a view.


Technological efficiency

Thanks to cutting-edge plant systems and a high-performance building envelope, the building is designed to achieve the highest level of energy class.

Eco-sustainability and safety

The construction is designed according to modern structural and eco-sustainability criteria: careful study of the orientation, optimization of the natural ventilation of the rooms, choice of construction materials, technical components and eco-friendly finishes.

Acoustic Climate

Great attention is paid to the horizontal and vertical compartmentalization of homes to offer the best possible comfort, thanks to the choice of materials and components with high acoustic efficiency

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